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Did you know the saxophone was invented by Adolphe Sax in 1846?  As far as musical instruments go, it’s pretty new to the scene!  The saxophone is a popular solo woodwind instrument ranging from soprano to bass. The saxophone, originally invented for military bands and orchestras, became a staple of Jazz during the 1920’s and Funk in the 1970’s….

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"Saxophone Bahrain has been an amazing way to introduce my son to music. His teacher Daniel is friendly, fun and patient. I have been most impressed at the flexible way they teach ensuring that my son stays interested and excited about the instrument, meaning he is learning very fast."



"Saxophone Bahrain helped me pass my Grade 3 with Distinction! I look forward to my lesson every week, I love playing saxophone. I play in orchestra at school and now I'm studying for my Grade 4."



"I grew up listening to Jazz music. AfroBeats is really popular now so I wanted to learn Soprano Sax for my band. The practising methods and techniques are fantastic, I use them to help me improve my other instruments as well. I am self taught musician, now my progress with lessons is much faster and less stressful!"

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